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Using Belbin throughout your organisation will help individuals to fulfil their potential by identifying their key strengths, and enable the right people to be brought together to form high-performing teams.

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Belbin defines a ‘team role’ as “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way”.Therefore, by analysing how individuals work in teams you can categorise them into one of the 9 roles assigned by Belbin. This first and foremost identifies what skills exist within a team and who has them.

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Belbin suggests that, by understanding your role within a particular team, you can . develop your strengths and manage your weaknesses as a team member, and so improve how you contribute to the team. Team leaders and team development practitioners often use the Belbin model to help create more balanced teams.

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Belbin GetSet helps students and young people with improving teamwork skills, improving student behaviour, student wellness, careers advice, communication, student applications and much more.

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The Belbin Team Roles he has developed is called ‘The Belbin Team Role Self-Perception Inventory (BTRSPI)’. The Belbin Team Roles goes beyond a psychological test and especially maps out useful and verifiable information that functions as input for one of the most important factors, namely that of expected behaviour.

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One way to work out what's missing from your team and, equally, what might be overemphasized is to understand Belbin's Team Roles. Then you can start to put things right. Dr Meredith Belbin showed that individuals in a team tend to behave in one of nine ways, each fulfilling a different role.

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